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Thunderbird Power Releases Update on Progress

by ReleaseWire 10/04/2016

Thunderbird Power Corp announced today that it has completed the first phase in optimizing its ultra-efficient PowerStack wind turbine utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

CFD is utilized to fine-tune the angles, dimensions and weight of the turbine for optimum efficiency. The Company contracted CD-adapco, a Siemens company, to provide deliverables to Thunderbird Power Corp. Those deliverables have been received analyzed, interpreted and incorporated into design refinements. The Company has already started a subsequent phase of CFD and plans to have all phases completed early 2017.

Ultra Efficient Wind Turbine Expected to Be Game Changer

by ReleaseWire 07/12/2016

Thunderbird Power Corp. is building its first ultra-efficient turbine using its patent pending breakthrough technology. Thunderbird Power Corp. announced today it has commenced the building of its revolutionary patent pending wind turbine. "We are thrilled that after years of research and development, along with confirmation by some of the world's most prominent turbomachinery experts, we have finally arrived at the point where we are ready to build the first ultra-efficient turbine" said President Anthony Goldstein.