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  • For us, Power is a Breeze

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The PowerStack wind turbine is the ultimate complimentary Technology to conventional lift turbines

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Revolutionary design

The Thunderbird PowerStack has a truly revolutionary design resulting in incredible performance gains between 4 and 45 mph.

Competitive Advantage

Projected to increase revenue by a minimum of 500% and approaching a maximum of over 1000%.

Unmatched Reliability

The PowerStack turbine's design is rugged, reliable and proven making it virtually maintenance-free, with an expected life span of 20 to 50 years.

The Powerstack Turbine
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What is Powerstack?

The PowerStack is the ultimate complimentary technology to conventional lift turbines because it can fit in between them and requires only half an acre footprint.

Why is the PowerStack such an advancement?

The PowerStack has an totally revolutionary design which allows it to extract more power from the wind than ever before possible.

    • Generates power starting at industry best <5 mph
    • Generates exponentially more power as wind speed increases
    • No need to restrict output in high winds to avoid failure (crucial)
  • Much simpler and cheaper to manufacture, ship, deploy and maintain.
    • Expected life span of 20 to 50 years depending on the install locale.
    • With close to 8000 fewer parts than conventional turbines, the PowerStack is virtually maintenance free.
    • Projected to increase revenue by a minimum of 500% and a maximum of over 1000%.
    • Offers a significantly lower cost per kW installed
  • Eco Friendly. Does not harm birds or cause noise pollution
    • Birds are able to see it
    • Runs practically silent
    • Offers a significantly lower cost per kW installed
    • Richard Sutz and Peter Jenkins have impeccable credentials and a combined 80 years of experience that have resulted in a highly specialized skillset

Latest news

Thunderbird Power Releases Update on Progress
Thunderbird Power | 04 Oct 2016
Thunderbird Power Corp announced today that it has completed the first phase in optimizing its ultra-efficient PowerStack wind turbine utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
Ultra Efficient Wind Turbine Expected to Be Game Changer
Thunderbird Power | 12 Jul 2016
Thunderbird Power Corp. is building its first ultra-efficient turbine using its patent pending breakthrough technology.

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